Why Travel Solo is the Way to go Sometimes

Some people like to travel alone and others prefer company. Here are some of the pros and cons of traveling alone.

The first thing to appreciate is that when you travel alone you have complete freedom and there is no need to compromise on any issues. You go and do what you like, eat what you want and stay where you prefer. When you travel with someone, you always have to make some compromise because both of you will not have the same preferences and tastes. If you are spending a lot of money on the trip then you would rather do what you want, rather than having to compromise. You can sleep till noontime and stay awake till 4 am. There is complete freedom.


It is slightly easier to strike friendships almost anywhere. People are more likely to talk to a stranger than to a group of people. You have more opportunities to meet new people. Many solo travelers are often invited to homes of people they never even knew. Sometimes traveling with another person does not always make it easy to develop friendships.

You can be accommodated easily when you look for a ride. For example a bus or ride in the car may have only one seat. But if you are with someone else, you will have to wait for another bus or car and hope that it has space for two. The more people you travel with, the more baggage you have to worry about.

You can change the itinerary or your plans at any time without hurting anyone’s feelings. You are in control and do not have to answer to anyone. When you travel with others, then the freedom to do what you like is limited as you will need to compromise on many things. If you do not compromise this can lead to arguments and may weaken or damage your relationship.

Further, it helps build confidence and develops your own personal skills. You learn from direct experience and stop relying on others. In the end this is more gratifying and tells you a lot more about yourself and personality; it builds character.

While traveling alone does have many advantages, it can be a lonely experience. You will have no one to share your experience. Traveling alone also can make you vulnerable and sometimes afraid. You are not always sure if you have made the right decision about where to go and how to travel. Remember the world is full of sinister people and you must be fully aware at all times when you travel alone.
No doubt the biggest advantage of traveling alone is your freedom but it can also leave you with loneliness. You will need to sit down, weigh the pros and cons and determine which one will work best for you.

Finally, remember traveling alone is not for all people and it does have some negatives. It all depends on where you are going. If you plan to go over urban North America, then traveling alone is relatively safe. However, if you plan to travel alone in rural areas, mountain trails or deserted areas, it would be wise to travel with a companion.

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