Why is Breakfast Important?

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day with various experts even suggesting it as the most important meal to start the day. Breakfast provides your brain and body with the necessary fuel after the overnight fast. The origin of the name breakfast is essentially that of breaking your fast after the night’s sleep. Good to have before a flight in late morning as I had when I went to Italy.¬† If you don’t have a breakfast then you are running empty for your daily tasks and as a result you won’t have the same energy as well as focus for your work. In addition to this the breakfast is also an important occasion for families to get together which in turn helps in forming a strong bond.

Benefits of having a healthy breakfast

Having a healthy breakfast is one of the primary requirements of a human body. It is advised¬† by experts that the breakfast should be eaten within 2 hours from the moment you wake up. In terms of calories, a healthy breakfast is the one that provides calories ranging between 20 to 35% of an individual’s guideline daily allowance.

Breakfasts are important not only because they provide energy but also due to immense nutritional value they add to the daily dietary requirements. A healthy daily breakfast accounts for calcium, protein, fibre, iron and vitamin B of your daily nutrients. A human body requires these nutrients for its optimum functioning throughout the day. If a person misses a breakfast then his or her body is less likely to be compensated with the necessary nutrients and the multiple advantages it provides. According to one of the recent research people who eat breakfasts regularly are less likely to be over-weight than those people who skip the breakfast on a regular basis.

Breakfast is vital for the cognitive functioning of the body. The right breakfast helps in restoring the glucose levels which is one of the important carbohydrate required for the functioning of the brain. Different studies have concurred that breakfast improves concentration levels and memory of a person. It also found out that breakfast makes people happier in general by improving the mood and lowering the stress levels. As for the children it was found that kids who have regular healthy breakfast perform better, show improved behaviour and are linked with higher grades in schools. Just like any other part of the human body, our brain also needs energy for optimum functioning and the breakfast helps immensely in that regard.

Catering to the health

Having regular nutrient breakfasts is one of the keys to having a healthy mind and body. Each individual requires different amount of energy based on their age, gender, physical activity and body mass index. On an average a boy between the age of 7 to 10 requires approximately 1970 Kilo-calories each day and a girl in the same age group requires approximately 1740 kilo-calories. For adults the daily requirement of kilo-calories is higher. A male adult needs 2500 kilo-calories whereas a female adult requires 2000 kilo-calories. Breakfast plays an important role in an individual’s quest to reach the daily target of required energy.

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