Travel 2016 Holiday Stats and Busiest Aiport

This upcoming holiday is in its fast gear and ready to travel to visit family. According to AAA, it is expected that over 100 million Americans will be travelling across the country. This is the most ever on record. An increase of almost 2%, which is significant in this case. Many of them will be travelling by vehicle and almost 90% of all travelers will be commuting this way.

Looking at the air travel, it has increased by 2 ½% from last year. Around 6 million Americans will be taking flight across the country.  The only decrease in travel transportation is the a trains, cruises and buses. The total amount of these travel modes is 3.5 million Americans.

So why are many Americans travelling this year? While the economy is better for one and the unemployment is also down. This gives confidence to travelers and consumers to spend cash. And of factor are the gas prices as well. Looking at stats this year, Americans spent $27 billion less than last year on gasoline alone.  If you do have a long flight ahead of you make sure to follow these tips.

According to, the following are the rankings for most busiest airports during the holidays of 2016(prediction).

As you can see Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson Airport still holds the number one spot. This International Airport has over 2700 of flights including departure and arrival per day. It also boast around 100 direct flight destinations internationally to over 50 country. The cargo area of the airport has a space of 2,000,000 ft.² and has close to 1300 toilets.

In the state of Georgia, the airport has by far the biggest amount of workers. The main factor for it being top spot for busiest airport in America is that it is home to Delta Airlines. A little history on the company ; Founded in the city of Macon, was originally a Georgian dust crop company back in the 30s and had a subsidiary passenger airline called Delta air service. The company moved to Atlanta in 1941 and focused on providing passenger flights.

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