The Beautiful Northern Area’s of Italy

Seeing Italy in all its glory, one requires to visit the northern areas of this wonderful nation. Bordered by the nation of Switzerland, Slovenia France, and Austria, the north of Italy is a desire for all travelers seeking Roman history and food.  You will not be disappointed as there are many excellent attractive places to visit.

Northern Italy has some of the prettiest views of the stunning mountainous regions of the Alps and Apennines. This area is a mecca for sightseers, walkers, skiers and has some of finest ski resorts in Europe. Mostly all hill peaks deal beautiful cable car rides which supply breath taking views. If you want wind food culture, Northern Italy has that also.  Along the coastline of the sea of Adriatic are many miles of rich sandy beaches where you will find excellent blue waters.  Just within a couple of hours, you will notice the landscape could alter in view from the cold mountain to the attractive warm beaches.

There are a number of well prominent cities in the north Italy of the likes of Milan(the most well-known). Milan is a town tailored just for travelers as well as There are many trips trips which you can take that will include historic buildings, galleries as well as old museums. If you enjoy opera then head out to see La Scala Music hall is as this is known as a must.

The biggest Gothic basilica on earth, and check out the the Duomo of Milan as it is in impressive structure.


Across Milan will find a sufficient amount of cafes, dining establishments and nightclubs.  Other remarkable cities in the North of Italy consist of Via Garibaldi, Verona,Turin Bergamo, and Venice.  Venice has been popularized by the literary writer Shakespeare.  And if you are a lover of fine art, then then you will not be disappointed in Venice.

Renting a vehicle is an option as you can drive around the typographic zones around the Venice area as this is the home of Lake Garda as well.  If you are interested in heading out to the Lake Como which is located on the alpine foot-hills, try as well as stay at the very least one evening at the well-known luxurious suites- Renaissance. This is the place where Napoleon had once stayed.  Be sure to book ahead of time and If the hotel is full, attempt to try and book at the 17th cent Venetian palazzo as it has resort room with a direct sight of the beautiful Grand Canal.


If you want to find Italian food at its finest in the northern parts is the place to be.  It is popular for its risotto and beef, as they use thick butter sauces.  Don’t forget to have this with wine .  Pretty much all meal will start off with mozzarella as well as prosciutto, so you won’t go hungry.  There is of Franciacorta is most widely known for the amazing historic monuments, vacation homes, and also mega mansions.  Visit some of the well-known wine regions such as Chardonnay Pinot, Grignoliono Barolo,  and also various other dessert wines vineyards.

Try out the many wine excursion where you could experience wine making at first-hand & to have a few drinks while viewing beautiful scenic views.  If you enjoy the waters, take a brief ride in a boat around the beautiful Mediterranean and travel to various towns along the north Italian coastline. The trip will offer several panoramas of the beautiful areas and also the geographic diversity.

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