News update on airport flights from the Northeast

If you’re stuck on the East Coast and in airport you may be in luck with having waivers by your airline.  There is expected heavy snow with terrible winds coming in the next 12 hours especially if you are in the Northeast.  If you’re anywhere in the West coast and planning to fly out please make sure to check your status for any connections that may have delays or even shut down.  There have been strong warning by airlines such as Southwest, United and frontier.

The toughest areas that will be hit hardest are the subject delicate, northern areas of New Jersey and Manhattan.  It will be up to 18 inches of snow and wind that will be gusting at 50 mph.

If your final destination or any of your connective flight destination are in the following cities make sure to make contact with the appropriate authority:

Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, DC, Hartford and New York City.

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