Holiday Weekend in States

It is that time of year where Americans will be traveling heavily during the Fourth of July weekend.  It is expected over 43 million people will be travelling three United States.

The little history on the Fourth of July

It all started back in 1776 on July 4, when the 13 colonies obtain its independence from Great Britain which started the nation of the United States of America.

Traveling in 2016

Many of the travels will be done through cars rather than flying.  Fourth of July is more or less a party to see fireworks, hanging out with nearby family and catching up with friends. For cool facts on Independence day ->

Another reason why Americans are opting for driving is the gas prices nationally is at $2.30 a gallon which is the cheapest since 2005.  In the state of New York it is $2.44 per gallon which is $.50 lower than last year.  Supposedly the busiest time for driving if you’re leaving Monday is between 5 o’clock and 12 AM.


If you have any downtime to watch movies over the the Fourth of July weekend these are my two pics.

Independence Day (cover image)

This movie stars Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum in this classic film.  If you like aliens and feeling patriotic then this is the movie to see or if you have seen it, to catch up on this dandy of a movie.  This is a good tuneup for the new one “part 2” that is coming out in a few days.

Fourth of July

This is a movie with Tom Cruise where many have said this is probably one of his best performances in a movie.  The movie’s is a chronicle on Ron Kovic, a young American who is serving his country to disgruntled higher-ups who’ve been mistreated.

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