Flying Long Haul? – Stay Active

It is important when traveling on a plane is to have proper blood circulation. This is very important if it is a long-haul flight. There have been instances of people having let clots or migraines because the body is not getting proper circulation. It is very essential because with proper blood flow it helps with maintaining our body’s temperature, pH levels and metabolism.

If you’re an older person is very important to move around every hour or so. The reason for this is the heart needs to work harder the elderly because of the arteries not being it as elastic as compared to when they were younger.


Another issue is that if you’re overweight then there is a great possibility to have bad blood circulation if you’re seated especially for a long-haul flight.

Some tips on Flying Long Flights

Move around up and down the aisle and I really recommend if you do have that circulation to try to get the aisle seat. That way it’s easy to leave and to move around from your seat and not worry about your neighbour sleeping because everyone knows that it is difficult to pass that person.

While you’re up us, also make sure to stretch your arms and legs. Two simple movements it is that the complicated to as long you are moving.

Another tip is to always stay hydrated, so always have water on your side. We drink water, this helps with your levels of oxygen in your blood improves the circulation throughout. Try to avoid caffeine and less it is night time of your destination because sleep is important.

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