5 Fun things to do in Southern France

Whether you’re there with the kids, your partner or as a solo traveler, you are sure to appreciate and enjoy all that’s on offer in Southern France. From the excellent road and train network ready to take you to any destination, to the breath-taking landscape and gorgeous summer weather; every day in Southern France is a day in paradise. The best time of year to visit to take advantage of the warmer weather is either in April-May or September- October.

Below are five fun things to do in Southern France to make a holiday to remember.

1. Take a trip to the Carnival in Nice

Taking place for a little over two weeks during Mardi Gras, the Nice Carnival is an attraction that brings millions of people to Nice. It is one of the world’s largest carnival events, and takes place every year along the French Riviera in February. Its origins date back all the way to the 13th century, making it one of the longest-standing carnivals – if not the longest – in the world. One of the reasons it’s so popular is that each year a theme is chosen, and floats and figurines are created for a parade by artists. It’s a truly magical event for any family or individual.

2. Take a trip to Cannes

Cannes is constantly a hive of activity, and there’s never a dull moment in the French coastal city. Not only does it host its Cannes Film Festival every year which brings internationally acclaimed actors,
producers and directors to the city, but it’s also home to several events, sports festivals and regattas. If you’re a film, media, shopping, fashion or sports fan, a trip to Cannes should be on the itinerary!

3. A truly relaxing time awaits at Promenade des Anglais

If you signed up for a relaxing holiday in Southern France, then a visit to Promenade des Anglais is a must. Known to many as ‘La Prom’, it’s a promenade along the Mediterranean in Nice.
It’s a favored path for cyclists, families and those looking for a stroll in the fresh air, and is also home to the Nice Carnival as well. Blue chairs and cabanas can be found conveniently located along the stunning water’s edge for a relaxing time sunbathing in the sun.

4. Matisse museum

Dedicated to French painter Henri Matisse, the Matisse Musuem (Musée Matisse) is a National museum with the world’s largest collection of Henri Matisse’ works. It is primarily made up of art donations, and houses 68
paintings, over 200 prints and drawings, almost 100 photos, over 50 sculptures and 14 books illustrated by Matisse himself. Not to mention the 187 various belongings of Matisse on display as well.

5. A trip to the beach

The most stressful part about visiting a beach in Southern France is knowing which one to go to! But remember, with such an exceptional transport system, there’s no reason why you can’t visit more than one.
From Valras Plage near Béziers and Argelès North in Argelès through to Grande Plage in Saint-Jean de Luz and Paloma Beach in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, there are so many exquisite white beaches to enjoy.

If you like southern France maybe your next destination should be in Northern Italy!

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